Commissioning And Service Support

Devising new service specifications or reviewing exiting ones is only the start of improving outcomes. Whether it’s support rolling out new services, evaluating the effect of projects or understanding what services currently exist the Service Redesign and Improvement Consultancy can help.

Service Specification support

With the move towards outcomes based commissioning, service specifications need to reflect a staged approach to diabetes improvements. Careful consultation with providers, key stakeholders and patients, is fundamental to developing a sustainable and effective change programme. At the Consultancy we offer expert guidance and support to help your services meet the needs of your actual and potential diabetes populations.

Evaluating service changes

The consultancy offers objective and supportive evaluation of previous service changes to help commissioners understand the real work impact of projects and make evidence based decisions about future investments.

Service Mapping

Local health economies can be very complex with multiple and diverse priorities. So much so that it’s often the case that people operating in  the system are unaware of dept and breadth of services offered.

A thorough mapping exercise can bring clarity for everyone in the system and enable a smoother patient journey. The consultancy offers a structured approach to teasing out all the subtle nuances of the entire service pathway,bringing a new and impartial perspective, to map your services.