System Redesign

A clear and consistent pathway is essential for improving diabetes care and outcomes. Are your diabetes results in a particular area of care not what you’d wish them to be? Our team provides support and expertise to get to the heart of the matter and provide simple and practical solutions to improve patient outcomes.

With wide ranging experience on hand to aid the consultancy (through our network of associates and with our core team having worked with and for the NHS in the past) we are in a unique position to help facilitate organisational change. At the Service Redesign and Improvement Consultancy we work alongside our clients to provide outcome focused solutions that are tailored to the local area. We strive to co-create change that is pragmatic and draws on best practice elsewhere.

The consultancy team is well versed in assessing the breadth of diabetes care across the whole spectrum of provision. This enables us to identify the key pressure points and system blockages. This is achieved by working with key stakeholders to create a comprehensive service map. From this baseline we work with you to redesign services in line with population needs and to create an effective implementation plan. Pivotal to this is the ability to demonstrate improvements by identifying simple key health outcomes.

Read what Waltham Forest CCG has to say about the consultancy’s work on a whole service redesign.

Our work with Waltham Forest CCG

“Waltham Forest CCG are pleased to be working with the Diabetes Service Redesign and Improvement Consultancy, as we refresh and revise our approach to commissioning effective services for our diabetes population. This external expertise, coupled with a clear grasp of the national and international picture, have provided confidence to our clinicians and public alike that the work we do will be driven by the need to improve quality of service provision in the round. The team that has been deployed is expert and tenacious, and is able to navigate through some complex relationships and positions.”

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