Best Practice Modelling

There’s always a degree of variation in health outcomes across every CCG relating to diabetes care, control and health outcomes.

We offer a localized programme to unpick the secrets of success in diabetes care in the top ‘performing’ GP practices in a CCG area. This helps drive local improvement in diabetes care and outcomes.

To recreate the success of the best performing practices, we undertake a best practice modelling programme which will be replicable in other practices, enabling them to achieve better outcomes, creating local best practice pathways for each screening and control measure. This involves the undertaking of specific structured interviews to enable us to unpick the individual steps in each process. From this, a simple and replicable best practice pathway for each diabetes control  measure/parameter is created. These can then be duplicated in practices across the CCG to support and deliver local improvement.

Each best performing practice is visited by a consultant to take part in a structured interview is to piece together the individual components of the path a patient follows when they are;

  1. a new patient with diabetes registering with the practice
  2. a registered patient recently diagnosed with diabetes
  3. a registered patient who may be at increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes

Practice staff are guided through a process that literally walks the consultant through each individual step of the journey a patient goes on. The structured interviews allow the consultant to understand what is said to a patient, how it is said, when it is said, and who actually says it. This enables a deeper understanding of how practices successfully encourage patients to attend for essential diabetes reviews and to gain better control of their condition.

Data used to identify the top performing practices across wide range of diabetes control measures and processes can be extracted using the Diabetes Primary Care Profiling Tool (DPCPT).

Once new local pathways have been created, a short education programme for GP leads and practice managers is delivered to help embed the new pathways and give them the best chance of success. Additional coaching is also available for individual practices.