Advanced Diabetes Primary Care Profiling Tool

Real time data is scarce in health care systems.

What can you do to get a true snapshot of what is happening within your local health care system for people living with diabetes? The Primary Care Profiling Tool (DPCPT) allows CCGs to identify the best diabetes care in their area, right now. It helps to pinpoint the areas of care that CCGs can concentrate on to improve health outcomes. The tool is designed to identify those most at risk of diabetes related complications, the level of diabetes control and care processes, as well as identifying people who are at an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The tool’s parameters are easily customised for your area to provide a unique and locally tailored snapshot, enabling you to plan and adapt services in line with local needs.

The advanced DPCPT provides an opportunity for greater investigation into distinct diabetes populations. Including:

  • Foot care profiling tool, helping you to identify those at greatest risk of diabetic foot disease and related complications.
  • Diabetic Retinopathy profiling, helping to identify those who are at risk of developing the most common diabtes complication and how your health service can support them

Identifying those most at risk is a crucial step in providing tailored patient centered support and care.

The Diabetes Primary Care Profiling Tool (DPCPT) uses local data to drive local improvement in primary care processes and outcomes.