Leadership in diabetes

Health improvement cannot happen without strong leadership. We’ll enable your leaders to be the best they can be.

There is little doubt about the pivotal role that leadership plays in any system and diabetes services are no exception.

The areas where services thrive and the needs of people with diabetes are met are those where there is strong leadership. These leaders ensure that services change and develop in line with local needs. Where services are floundering there is always a fundamental leadership issue; either there is no leadership in place (quite common) or the people with the titles are not able to lead or, more importantly, do not understand how to ‘take people with them’.

Passionate people with vision and drive will enable the services to thrive. Finding the internal drivers to create inspirational leaders who focus on improving health outcomes is fundamental to improving the health and well-being of people with diabetes.

In order to support these needs Dr Linda Edwards (a qualified coach) provides bespoke coaching for people in leadership positions within diabetes care. For more info contact consultancyinfo@diabetes.org.uk.

Diabetes UK offers a Clinical champions programme to help develop aspiring clinical leaders.