About us

Our focus is to offer hands on practical support to enable you to problem solve, create the diabetes services, pathways and levels of care appropriate for your local population. We always work in partnership with you to ensure the work we do together is sustainable in the longer term.

How we can help you

We understand how diabetes affects people’s lives and local health and social care systems. We therefore tailor our approach based on identified individual local needs.
Our first step is to work with you to clarify your expectations and agree your success criteria.

From this we can design the details of your programme of support, no matter how big or small these may be. We will also evaluate the impact of our interventions so that the effect of any change can be measured.

Some of the areas where short and long term benefits in health outcomes and cost savings are possible include:

With a core of highly skilled consultants and a bank of specialist associates we can work with you wherever you are based in the UK and whatever the challenges you face.